8/04/2022 Update

  • Jim Corbett
  • 08/04/2022

Dear Friends,

At present, you’re more than likely experiencing increased pressure these days from numerous sources. Life is changing, sometimes at lightning speed. In response, we’ve prayerfully decided to add a third countermeasure to our daily lifelines (From Our Father’s Heart and MASH United) to help you navigate your spiritual and physical path through an extremely flawed world, which appears more and more to be running out of answers and sound thinking. What worked yesterday just doesn’t work today, does it?

Could it be God is showing us we need to reevaluate and prepare to live life differently than we have been? We’ve written a guidebook, The Overcoming Life, to help us all do that. (Yes, that includes us. We realize our need to be wholly dedicated to God and see how impossible that is apart from Him!) The Overcoming Life guidebook takes us past what we see every day and directs us toward a life that whole-heartedly embraces the crucified life God intends us to live and rejoice in, no matter what timeframe or circumstances we encounter on any given day. We will be presenting segments from The Overcoming Life on our website and daily emails. We also offer this guidebook as a download on our website free of charge.

To those who have been with us for many years, we’re so grateful for your continual love and support! To our new friends, we’re delighted you’ve joined us! We pray we can continue to be a blessing to you and a reliable resource for your outreaches as we navigate the days ahead together and share the truth and life that’s found in Jesus Christ.

Stay on the lookout for our new addition!

Lord bless you,

Jim and Merry Corbett

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