• Jim Corbett
  • 09/27/2022

From The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

For many years, I was so dull in my thinking that I gave little consideration to what really pleases God. What did He consider a significant life? Would He consider my life significant when I stood before Him to give an account? These were questions I never thought to ask myself and no one else asked me, as best I can remember.

Sure, there were teachings about Jesus and His desires to only please the Father. I heard many stories about people who lived their lives in complete obedience and stories of the great saints of the past who lived exemplary lives; but the thought that my Father in heaven considered my life and the things I did while living it of great significance and would judge them never crossed my mind. I was saved, I dealt with the sin the Holy Spirit showed me, I desired to please Jesus most of the time; but generally, that’s as far as it went.

I eventually discovered that somehow, sometime, someplace in the past, I was rendered incapable of having – or even desiring to have - taste buds for only those things that Jesus embraced. I was spiritually walking across a busy highway to pet the cute little doggy on the other side, unaware of the impact of the spiritual traffic that had been hidden from me.  I was deceived and the “beauty” of my deception, as with any masterfully contrived lie, was the fact that I truly believed that I was walking in truth. That’s what makes it so insidious (having a gradual and cumulative effect.)

As a Christian husband and father I am obligated to shake off any worldly habits and beliefs that hinder me from being all that I can be in Christ. My responsibility to know truth and function in it is paramount if I am going to live a significant life before the Lord and have my family do the same. It’s time to get real!!!

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Jim Corbett

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