9/22/20 Survival Skills

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/22/2020

In any combat situation, there are certain skills needed if one is to survive, especially one who is called to lead others. It is very important to hone the skills necessary to win the war that’s raging against marriage and family. They may not be the typical weapons of warfare, but they are mighty In Christ.

Usually when a man enters a physical battle, he relies on his strength, his cunning, his knowledge of combat tactics, and his choice of weapon to overcome the enemy. However, the battle that comes against those a husband and father cares for is generally spiritual in nature, and only spiritual equipping will win it.

As men of God, every one of our battles is really the Lord’s to fight. The weapons we need are different than the ones we’d use if we were going to wage the war ourselves. Our strength comes from an intimate relationship with God. Our wisdom to face any challenge is given to us by the Holy Spirit. Our strategies are found in the Word. Real power is given to us as we surrender to the power of the Lord and learn to feast at His table while He wins the battle for us.

Husbands and fathers, there is no question that each and every day an attempt will be made to destroy our marriage relationship or our heritage through our children. It may not be visible moment by moment, but be assured that the enemy never sleeps. He’s always looking for weakness on any front, so that he can make inroads for his purposes. It’s time to become equipped with the ability to determine and understand the wars you will encounter as they arise. Who is going to win them for you, and what is your part in the battle?   In Christ, there is no battle too large or too small. If God is for you, who can be against you? You’re on the winning team. With His help, can He count on you?

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Jim Corbett

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