• Jim Corbett
  • 09/21/2022

From The Overcoming Life Guidebook by Jim and Merry Corbett

When peril comes, most of those who call themselves Christians will “hunker down” in an attempt to be safe; but they’ll be powerless to protect themselves. In a time when the Jesus they have said that they serve is needed most, they will not know how to call on Him or even know who He really is. Therefore, they will hide in fear, thinking that they will find a place of safety. Wherever they go, it will be a tomb for them spiritually speaking.

The only place of safety is to be solely and completely locked up in Jesus Christ, living His passionate, overcoming life. In times of peril, His overcoming presence will not be with the cowering masses. He will be displayed in all of His radiant glory through those who take the time this very day, perhaps this very moment, to surrender fully to Him and His ways. He will be with those who use their every breath of life for His benefit and the benefit of those who need to see Jesus.

As the Holy Spirit changes you, you will be acquiring the tools you need to not only overcome perilous times, but to prosper during them through the power of the Holy Spirit. You will move in anointed power to represent the Lord. How sharp are your spiritual tools as a husband and father?

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Jim Corbett


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