• Jim Corbett
  • 09/15/2021

The slogan the Lord has given us for our MASH United ministry is “Living for Others with Brothers We Trust.” Living for others is something we do because it’s very much on the heart of God. It’s a goal for any man who says he’s devoted himself to Jesus. Living for yourself is diametrically opposed to the way Jesus lived.

Finding brothers we can trust is where it gets a little dicey. Most men live with surface friendships, unless we’re driven to trust one another by mutual need, like combat situations or childhood friendships that continue into adulthood. In today’s society of throwaway friendships, few stand the test of time.

God, however, is in the process of developing kinsmen friendships and covenant relationships. These associations are God-welded relationships, where two or more walk together to overcome the world and its ways in the seasons to come. They are Holy Spirit-empowered alliances that will provide the opportunity for all involved to live for the best interests of the others while accomplishing God’s plans.

As a husband and father walking through the challenges that affect your family, be on the lookout for those men who function with the same heart as David’s mighty men. Prepare to have men brought into your life that are dedicated to God first, and trained to live out the heart of Jesus toward others. Prepare yourself to be the same kind of trusted friend. God will build these relationships; our job is to surrender to His will so we can become a trusted friend to those He sends our way.

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Jim Corbett


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