8/31/20 Crossroad Decisions

  • Jim Corbett
  • 08/31/2020

At times in our lives, we are faced with making pivotal decisions, which become crossroads that determine our path for the future. These chosen paths become a benchmark for the rest of our lives. All of our life choices are determined by the parameters of that crossroad decision.

In these last days, our Father is calling His men to make a crossroad decision for their marriage and family. Because of the darkness that is overtaking this dying world, He desires mighty men of valor to lead bright, significant family teams and be His light. In a world where there is no sure footing, these bright lights - filled and led by the Holy Spirit - will become guides to other families, helping them navigate perilous paths and hazardous challenges.

Is this day a crossroad decision time for you? As a husband and father being called by your Father in heaven to make the kind of personal changes needed to allow the Holy Spirit to move in your family unit, are you doing what it takes to help make your family available to be powerfully used? Are you willing to respond to the kind of training that will make you a mighty man of God capable of leading others to His safety? Look around, and then look at your family. Are you willing to do what it takes to be able to lead them to an overcoming life, or are you willing to allow them to become fodder for those who hate the things of God?

Men, it really is crossroad time! Old paths and old ways have little power to overcome the world as Jesus did. Our Father is waiting to equip everyone who is willing to submit to His hand of training. Are you going to be one of His mighty men of valor who leads a mighty family full of His Holy Spirit?

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Jim Corbett

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