• Jim Corbett
  • 08/21/2021

Because they have so much impact, the offices of husband and father are very important to Father God. The world sees a strong man as someone who selfishly dominates his realm of influence. Men not worthy of these offices take advantage of those they steward and cause them much harm. Countless children in every strata of society grow up and spend their entire lives looking to be healed because of ignorant or uncaring fathers.

The offices of husband and father are designed by God to be the highest offices He has created. Because every person on this earth is born into a family situation, that institution is very dear to His heart. Any man, who attempts to raise his family to honor God and live a significant life in His eyes, has great favor with Him. He responds to the father on his knees, who prays for the best interests of his wife and family.

Men, as you begin to understand the importance of your office and function in it God’s way, expect answers to your needs. Expect supernatural intervention in impossible situations. Be prepared to meet unusual responses from formerly unresponsive children. Prepare to fall in a deeper kind of love with your wife, no matter how impossible that may seem at present. When God favors your actions and directions, He hovers over them like a loving, enthusiastic, doting Father. After all, that’s Who He is!

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Jim Corbett


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