• Jim Corbett
  • 08/13/2021

My grandfather was a stoic German, who was incapable of treating his wife as anything more than a child-bearing servant of his whims. He also raised his children with harsh discipline. He could only do what he had been taught by his father, who probably learned from his father, etc., etc.  I saw my dad reel at times from the lack of love he was given. He survived in a civil manner and was able to raise my brother and sisters and me relatively free from his father’s abuse, only because of the kind of man he turned out to be.

That doesn’t happen very often. Generations of fathers have unknowingly wounded their sons and daughters because their fathers wounded them. In general, men and women are either blessed or plagued by whatever capability or incapability their fathers had while raising them.  Most people who struggle through life are doing so because of the input of their fathers. Many times lifelong struggles ensue because of some undoneness passed along by their fathers.

If you are still attempting to live up to your father’s expectations, or reeling because he was incapable of loving you, you are more than likely passing some of that emotional baggage on to your children. It doesn’t have to be that way for you, as a husband and father, if you are in Christ. You can stop now and receive the healing Jesus offers you. You can extend forgiveness because you have been forgiven. You can be healed because of the work Jesus did for you at the cross.

Start here. You are loved so much by your Father in heaven that He desires to spend eternity with you. You have an open door of communication to express all your wounds and needs to Him. You can learn how to love as He does because of His promises, mercy, and grace. You can prosper and live a significant life as you go to Him in your need. You can break the cycle of any form of abuse you may have received because of His love. It’s time to pass on God’s kind of love. Your family will thrive!

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Jim Corbett

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