• Jim Corbett
  • 08/04/2022

As men, it’s easier to try to do something about all the brush fires we ignite with our spiritual ignorance than it is to become everything we’re called to be in Christ. Making something happen is far easier than waiting on God to direct our steps and completely oversee our lives, which allows us to avoid the many pitfalls the enemy has planned against our families.

Doing stuff to make things better in our own strength means we’ve unknowingly decided to make ourselves vulnerable to the traps set by the enemy against our families. It means we’ve reduced the outcome of our lives to the limitations of our own carnal thinking and insufficient power. It means we’ve offered the enemy an opportunity to attempt to override the plans God has for us and our families.  It means we’re in the world and of the world; and, therefore, incapable of winning any spiritual war waged against us. It means we’ve taken the well-traveled, easier road and chosen to walk in spiritual weakness.

On the other hand, becoming a true man of God and a mighty warrior means we’ve overcome and discarded the ways of the world. We’ve ceased to function in the realm of the enemy and have planted our flag in the kingdom of God by submitting to its guidelines in our lives. It means we’ve crucified the flesh, having gladly died to its demands and becoming fully submitted to the Lordship of Jesus over every area of our lives and the lives of our families. It means we’ve accepted God’s invitation into His throne room, which He can make our war room where nothing harmful prevails over us or those we love. Would you like to live there?

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Jim Corbett

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