• Jim Corbett
  • 07/30/2021

Remember Tim (The Tool Man) Taylor?  His love for tools and the power they gave him became a continual source of entertainment throughout the run of his television show. Tools were everything to him. Even though his ideas were “slightly” over the top, his love for tools struck a chord with every man who watched the show.

Men love tools, any kind of tool that gets the job done. Hammers, saws, computers, cars, a big home, success in business - they’re all tools that get the job done in presenting who we are to the world. As husbands and fathers, we have been given the job of providing a safe atmosphere where our wives and children can prosper in Christ. Success or failure in this arena impacts many people, and also represents who we are to the world. Our families should be a testimony of our proper use of the tools God’s given us to overcome the world.

Have you ever thought of praising Jesus as a tool? What about worship? When you think of power, does worship of our heavenly Father come to mind? How about prayer, the most powerful tool available to man? Do you see these tools provided for you as a means to truly win the war that’s against your family? If not, why not?

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Jim Corbett

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