• Jim Corbett
  • 07/03/2021

In all of our lives, there are decisions, milestones, intersections, and crossroads that determine direction for us and our families. They have either a positive or negative impact on those around us, depending on our spiritual maturity. As men, we are to guide the ones we steward with the wisdom we gain in fellowship with our Father and by the power of the Holy Spirit. The closer we are to the Lord and the more we listen to His counsel, the better our loved ones will fare.

In every life, there are at least two turning points, specific times when our life direction and our priorities change. The first is the decision to make Jesus the Lord over everything in our lives. That decision brings the most important relationship possible to our lives and sets us on a new and wonderful direction with God as our Father, Jesus as our Lord, and the Holy Spirit as our guide.

The second most important turning point is the one in which we determine in our hearts to walk in the kingdom of heaven with God in Christ while on this earth. That decision sets us on a course to overcome all the hazards and challenges the world has to offer. Although we have been made spiritual beings through submission to the Lordship of Christ, most of us walk with one foot in the world, listening and functioning in the atmosphere of flesh and blood, and one foot attempting to follow God. We are spiritual beings in a physical world, attempting to listen to both sides of every issue that arises.

This second turning point - the decision to follow only God, walk as Jesus walked on this earth, and listen only to His Father’s heart - sets us free.  Although we remain in the world, when we choose to function in the kingdom of heaven’s spiritual atmosphere with its limitless power, eternal focus, and perfect direction for this life, nothing can touch us. We become immune to the hazards of this world, and embraced by everything God is and has done through the cross of Christ. We become spiritual beings who are focused on the spiritual world we belong in through the work of Jesus. Which kingdom do you choose?

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Jim Corbett

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