• Jim Corbett
  • 07/02/2021

Most men are doers! We take pride in our accomplishments because society has trained us to do so. Our dads were taught to do, and passed that mentality on to us just as their dads did.

In Christ, however, the Holy Spirit is teaching us to become like Jesus. Anybody can do. Few can completely change who they are and become something else. That can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit, Who changes our very nature.  He will only do it if we submit to His hand upon us.

Doing for the Lord is easy. All we have to do is serve someone or some cause in our spare time. Most of the church delights in doing for the Lord, thinking that’s where His heart is. Sometimes with great zeal they take on what they feel may be a passion of God’s heart. Their activity may have some merit; but if their zeal gets in the way of their becoming like Jesus, they’re wrong.

Becoming like Jesus takes many quiet times of waiting on God. It takes many times of denying the urge to do something, even something good, to sit in His presence. To find His heart changes you. That’s why the enemy delights in keeping us so busy that we have little time to wait on God and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to our inner being, changing it to look more and more like Jesus. Only the laying down of our urges, the putting to death our flesh, transforms us into His likeness. Waiting quietly before the Lord makes us becomers.

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Jim Corbett

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