• Jim Corbett
  • 07/01/2021

There is no greater example of the character of Christ being displayed than one who serves another. In the family dynamic, nothing speaks louder than example, especially examples of service. Even the hardest of hearts notices someone walking the walk of Christ-like behavior instead of simply talking the talk.

Bottom line, Father God is looking for a marriage that is the example of Christ and His church, and children who overcome the world just as Jesus did. As a father, there is no better way to tell them of His ways than by showing them how He lived and what He stood for. Your walk of servanthood leads them to His life.

It might be wise to define servanthood. A servant isn’t someone who displays whimsical attitudes and selfish, uncaring actions. A servant holds a heart position of loving someone more than himself and his own desires. It means living for the best interests of those around him. It means having the inner strength to deny self for the good of another. It is overcoming the world in the strength of Jesus by walking in the kingdom of heaven on this earth with Christ as your only guide. A true servant is a powerful leader under the complete control of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the best servant leader Who ever lived. Will you allow Him to live His life through you?

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Jim Corbett

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