• Jim Corbett
  • 06/27/2022

Why is it we so often need to be afflicted in order to consent to being changed?  If only we could respond when, as the Word states, His kindness leads us to repentance.

I believe the key lies in getting to know our God, and coming to an understanding of Who Jesus really is.  If we don’t really know Who Jesus is, how can we know what we ought to be like?  The more we know Him, the clearer it becomes Who He isn’t.  With Him as our example, we begin to see those things in us which are not acceptable - things we just didn’t consider all that serious before they were exposed by God’s Truth - Jesus.

The world can’t possibly see Jesus if they see only us. Our families will need to find some other way to know Him if we don’t choose to know Him ourselves. They won’t be able to rely on us to help them find truth. Our offices of husband and father will become those of a weak steward. That is not a good thing!

“Lord, please draw us.  We can only pursue a relationship with You and choose Your ways over our ways by Your grace - whether it be through kindness or affliction. Help us, Lord!”

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Jim Corbett

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