6/18/24 How Prepared Are You?

  • Jim Corbett
  • 06/18/2024
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How prepared are you as a husband and father to love your wife and lead your family through the coming perilous times? What is life really all about? What is your place in your marriage, your family, your workplace, and your immediate circle of influence?

Let’s start over and rephrase the same questions from God’s point of view. How prepared are you to lead your family with spiritual wholeness, powerfully glorifying God through the coming times and love your wife as Christ loves His church? What is your life really all about in the eyes of the Lord? Why has He placed you in your marriage, your family, your place of business, and your circle of influence for this generation? Have you fulfilled His plans in those areas? When you stand before your Father in heaven, these are some of the questions you really should be prepared to answer without stammering.

As you look around, you’re no doubt seeing how fast things can change. You’ve begun to fully understand that the things that were at one time secure, even your own personal security, can disappear in a matter of moments. If you have any spiritual discernment, you know that something very important is on the horizon, something far greater than you read about in the daily news, something for which you have little experience and little power on tap to overcome in your present spiritual state. However, God is raising up His special forces out of the ashes of refiner’s fires to restore the powerful family unit. He is giving those men, who choose to hear His voice, certain footing in a very uncertain world. He is giving them the spiritual power to overcome a dead and dying world.

Are you going to be one of them?

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Jim Corbett

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