6/13/24 Just Get in the Car

  • Jim Corbett
  • 06/13/2024
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A while ago I was faced with an opportunity to see how much I lacked faith and really needed God if things were going to work out. As a husband and father, the weight of my responsibility was somewhat overwhelming. We had packed everything we owned in a small truck and our van, given away what we were told to share, and spent most of what we had at the time for necessities. What little I had, I knew that my faith was being tested. I felt like a rubber band that had been stretched to its limit.

I had read somewhere that faith combined with sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit fills hands that were formerly empty. Well, my hands felt really, really empty. My faith felt like a single drop of water on its way to attempting to put out a raging fire. So we went - not in a bright powerful way, but just one foot after another, one mile after another until we reached a temporary destination.

A little while later, someone mentioned a phrase that really spoke to my heart. He said something like, “Faith is simply getting in the car and going when you are told.” Boy, did that hit home! I felt that phrase applied directly to me. “Just get in the car.” That’s faith!

Men, if you are attempting to be a monument of faith to your family, you may be imparting the wrong message to them. Maybe it’s time to trust in the faithfulness of God instead of your ability to have faith for any situation. Maybe it’s time to simply “get in the car” and trust God to do what He has told you He would do. God is faithful. You are His greatly loved child. He desires to walk with you even more than you desire to walk with Him every moment.  Why not trust Him to be Who He says He is?

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Jim Corbett

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