6/12/24 Pancakes and Sausage

  • Jim Corbett
  • 06/12/2024
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How many of the men’s groups around this land are no more spiritually filling than the pancakes and sausage breakfasts that are considered valuable gatherings? How many men’s groups do nothing more than gather as a social get together? How many men’s group leaders have real answers for men attempting to restore their marriages or rescue their children? Look around; there are seemingly very few.

God is in the process of rebuilding Christian families, because they are the most powerful witness available to a dark and dying world.  A proper marriage tells others about the relationship between Jesus and His church. A proper family builds a legacy that not only impacts those around them, but potentially generation after generation to come.

Men, the power, love, and wisdom needed to walk with God in order to help restore those offices will not come from one more pancake breakfast or weekly social gathering for men. It will not happen through weak leaders who have no answers for themselves. The power to help turn marriages and families around will only come to a man who desires to see wholeness restored as He seeks God in His throne room.

If the leader of your men’s group (even a pastor for that matter) is not a frequent visitor to the throne room of God, where he can receive what is needed to help rebuild marriages and families, he is nothing more than a blind guide. He’s probably a very nice, very caring guy; but, more than likely, he’s incapable of helping anyone who really is serious about God’s plan for the family, which is the key unit for all He does.  That man is unable to share and give away whatever is needed if he doesn’t own it himself.

Today is the day to look around at those you are following and those who are walking with you in life. Are they heading in God’s direction, or are they remaining where they are, hoping that things will one day get better? Are they hearing the call to become servant leaders, first in their marriages and families, and then to those around them? If they aren’t, it might be time to make some changes, so you don’t find yourself with no answers and no one to encourage you to go to God for inspired answers when they are needed.

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Jim Corbett

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