• Jim Corbett
  • 06/12/2021

Everywhere you turn you see that the world is attempting to minimize the role of husband and father. For many years, as only one example, sitcoms did their best to deride God’s image of those roles by portraying a weak, pathetic, or absent father in a household atmosphere run by siblings or a domineering wife. If the father was there at all, he was stationed as the butt of many jokes or nullified by the “wisdom” of those around him.

And why not! In a society bent on redefining the role of the family because it endangers their humanistic position, the man of the house must be shown to be ineffective and unimportant to the family’s success. The family unit God intends must be restructured to one with no permanent guidelines or parameters so humanistic thinking can whimsically remold it to suit its agenda. The goal is to devalue the family unit to the point where it is simply a holding tank for youth so that society as a whole can shape children’s views - views which are contrary to most everything Father God holds dear.

Dads, maybe it’s time to look around. What is your role? Has it been redefined to the point that it doesn’t resemble the role God intends for you? Are you simply a breadwinner and weekend social director? Do you even take interest in the personal affairs of your children, or have you been told in one way or another that your participation is off limits? Can you comfortably sit and talk to your children about the deep things of God and the significance of their walk with Jesus?  Is your opinion respected and sought after when your children have need of guidance?

To one degree or another, most men in this day and age have accepted the role society demands they play.  Most men are functioning in an innocuous manner, right where the enemy wants them, because they have been brainwashed into believing that this is how they are to function.  Going to church on Sunday doesn’t get the job done. If your children are not on their way to a vibrant life in Christ, you have some work to do. Get what you need from the Father for yourself, and then give it to those who are counting on you to lead them to wholeness in Jesus.

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Jim Corbett

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