• Jim Corbett
  • 06/10/2021

As men, most of us get great satisfaction in achievements. If we are successful, we feel that we’ve done something of great worth and enjoy the results. In doing a great job, we have the additional satisfaction of having others note that we can be trusted with a better position, so we get promoted and are given more responsibility. That is all good stuff, and it motivates us to continually do better.

As a husband and father, we’ve been given the highest offices available to any human being.  In essence, we have been promoted before we’ve achieved anything worthwhile to earn that high position.  Most of us have few skills to succeed at our high office.

With our promotion - whether we like it or not - comes great responsibility.  Success or failure in fulfilling our offices properly brings eternal consequences. It includes the possibility that our wives or offspring could be separated from God for eternity, in part, because of how we function in our offices. In addition to that horrible prospect is the reality of standing before the Most High God and being required to give answers for our actions concerning the stewardship of our families.

At a minimum, failure at our position could place our sons in the unenviable position of not having the skills they will need for their own high position of overseeing their families, and possibly standing before God themselves with little success if we couldn’t equip them properly with the tools we passed on to them, and they never found another way to acquire the proper tools. Our daughters could be ill-equipped to face life’s challenges because of our lack of proper investment in them. Our wives may not become all they can be in Christ because we don’t or can’t provide the proper atmosphere for them to prosper spiritually. These are some pretty heavy thoughts to ponder for any thinking human being. What are you going to do about them?

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Jim Corbett

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