6/09/20 Men as Teachers

  • Jim Corbett
  • 06/09/2020

As we accept our ordained offices of husband and father, we become teachers of those who steward. That doesn’t by any means imply that we are the only ones imparting knowledge to others. It does, however, mean a higher accountability to God. In reality, those who call themselves followers of Jesus teach others by the life they live.

God holds those who teach others to a higher standard because of the incredible value He places on His Word. We present His Word by what we say and do. In His eyes, He is calling us to get it right. Because He holds His Word and the work He has done for all mankind so close to His heart, He asks us to do the same.

Men, it’s time to understand our accountability and the impact our offices hold. Our children should see a little more of Who God is because of our words and actions. Our lives mean something to them. The world sees the relationship between Christ and the church through our marriages. Are we exhibiting something dead and lifeless, or are we showing them a vibrancy that is worth looking into?

Whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, you’re a teacher. Your portion is to first learn from God, the cross, and the Word. Then you’re to present what you’ve learned every day to everyone you meet. Are you bringing them a bright, wonderful picture of Who Jesus is, or are others seeing a dull, powerless God through what you’re teaching them by your words and actions?

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Jim Corbett

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