6/08/24 Offices of Importance

  • Jim Corbett
  • 06/08/2024
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It is rarely understood how important the offices of husband and father are to God. He has placed these often-misunderstood offices in a key position in creation and shows favor to the man who comprehends their value and endeavors to walk in the roles of husband and father with God’s purposes in mind. He even revealed Himself to all mankind as Father, so we could begin to comprehend the worth He places on that office.

In the spiritual realm, God has set a ranking and order in place to accomplish His plans. This order is followed by all of His creations, beginning with the angelic beings right on down to all of mankind. Within that structure, God has designated the offices of husband and father as the primary offices through which He can display His power, mercy, and love. A man, who is truly in line with the Word of God in regard to his wife and family, is an example of the relationship between Christ and His church. This is very important to Father God because that relationship is meant to display His character to those who are watching.

Regardless of your station in life, the testimony you give to others falls pale if your relationship with your wife is even remotely cold or your children’s actions show your lack of understanding of your offices. If you really want to touch people and be in line with the perfect will of God, then make what is important to God very important to you. He considers the offices you hold of immense importance. It would be wise to do whatever it takes to function properly in them.

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Jim Corbett

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