• Jim Corbett
  • 06/05/2021

Taken from the book, The Father Factor

If God is no respecter of persons and considers everyone joint heirs and equal in value, then the minimizing of women in any way does not fit Who He is and what He has intended in His Word. However, the offices that He has intended for both men and women to provide structure to His plan for the family, rhyme with the beauty, love, and proper order that shows marriage to be the perfect representation of the relationship between Christ and His church as stated in His Word.

Picture the man as a structural beam or covering header that holds up a roof and the woman as a supporting pillar of that beam or header. The two, in essence, become one; and they need each other. The header (covering) cannot stand and function properly without a strong support pillar; it will collapse. Likewise, the pillar cannot fulfill its purpose without the beam overhead in place. The husband is intended to be the spiritual covering the wife needs to protect her from the torments of this world. The wife lifts her husband up and supports him so that he can fulfill his God-given office. Once a marriage covenant takes place, the heart of God is grieved when separation occurs between husband and wife. The relationship can’t function as God desires in that condition.

In scripture, the woman is to be subject to the office of the man, supporting it and submitting to its role. The word weaker is to be interpreted as secondary in the order established by God, not less important. Harmony occurs when both men and women subject themselves in Christ-like love to the offices (roles) each has been given, and become one in purpose as they provide a covering for their children.

Where there is a full understanding of the offices that God has established, dominance or the minimizing of the woman by the man is foolishness, and horribly destructive to the family structure if allowed to continue. Conversely, if the woman attempts to take on the role established for the man, disorder and confusion ensues for everyone in the family, whether it is recognized or not.

Either way, when the structure ordained by God is disrupted, the fortress that the family is intended to be becomes weakened and vulnerable to the onslaught of the enemy. He is relentless, insidious, and bent on destroying the family so that it doesn’t overcome the world as Jesus did. A weakened or nullified family structure gives little hope of providing children with the ability to pursue a significant spiritual life in Christ.

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Jim Corbett

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