5/21/21 Disciplining or Nurturing?

  • Jim Corbett
  • 05/21/2021

Fathers, are you only disciplining your children when they do something wrong, or do you spend your life nurturing them in the path they should go? Discipline alone on a continual basis leads to a “I can never do anything right” attitude in a child. It leads to a beaten spirit that says, “Why try? He won’t like what I do anyway.” This attitude fosters the seeds of rebellion and heart separation. It turns a child away from a father’s sound biblical influence of love and encouragement to his or her peers’ worldly perspective.

Nurturing, on the other hand, leads to loving interaction and proper companionship between father and child. Their relationship is like the one between a craftsman and his apprentice.

A true craftsman is a person with practiced skills, skills that over time make him an expert because of the perfection found in his work. When a craftsman takes on an apprentice, the purpose of their association is to hand down the craftsman’s skills to someone who chooses to be a study of him. The craftsman guides, instructs, directs, and nurtures the skills of the apprentice with understanding and patience as he learns. It is a relationship for the good of the apprentice. When the skills handed down are mastered by the apprentice, he is then a craftsman himself and the process is completed. The new craftsman has what is necessary to function properly in what he does.

So it is supposed to be with a father-child relationship. The father - a man who has learned what he knows from the throne room of his Father - is ordained to pass those skills down to his offspring by guiding, instructing, and teaching his children so they can navigate their time in the world with Christ-like character. This teaching includes loads of love, encouragement, and enthusiastic monitoring. The result for you is a person who is ready to function as a significant legacy. The benefit to the child is the ability to fulfill his or her task of representing Christ properly to a dying world. Your children are waiting for the wealth you have to give them!

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Jim Corbett

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