5/17/24 Higher Call

  • Jim Corbett
  • 05/17/2024
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What is not proclaimed in most men’s groups, church fellowships, and one to another is that there is a higher call than what we see evident today. It is a call all the way into the throne room, God’s secret place reserved for those who desire to make it their home.  It is a place won for us at the cross. Most churches and fellowships will not proclaim this opportunity as a normal way of life because it is costly to enter. The price is everything, a message not very conducive to building large gatherings or paying for large buildings.

As a husband and father, as a man, your job description is to find the most advantageous opportunities for those who trust you to lead them into safe places. God has ordained your office as a covering for them. That means it is your responsibility to discover solid ground for them to travel in life. The safest place is in the throne room with their Father in heaven. The question arises; then how can you lead others to places you have never been yourself?

If you really accept your office, it’s time to shake off all the teachings that do not lead you to holiness, which is gained only by embracing the crucified life. It’s time to move away from those who feel that intimacy with God in His secret place is only for the saints of old, no matter who says so. If you belong to a fellowship that won’t go there, you need to find one that will. In the times ahead, your well-being and the well-being of those who trust you will depend on having answers - real answers. Can you give real answers and certified safe places for them to go because you go there yourself? God has provided those answers and is asking us to go where we can find them - with Him.

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Jim Corbett

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