5/12/21 Leading Others

  • Jim Corbett
  • 05/12/2021

As the frontier developed, pioneers hired wagon masters, who hired scouts to guide them through unknown territory. These leaders were of utmost importance for the safety of the whole wagon train. Without them, the novice pioneer was doomed to succumb to the perils of the trip, and open prey to any hardship encountered. They relied upon the expertise of the wagon master for all details, and the scout for his knowledge of the uncharted terrain. These men had been there before and worked from personal experience, not from theory or guesswork. It was almost certain death to follow someone who didn’t know what he was doing.

God is calling His men to an intimate, holy relationship with Him in these closing hours of time. He is raising up those men who choose intimacy with Him to guide others through the peril that is on the horizon. He is calling forth mighty men of God to teach others to overcome the world and its ways, and re-establish His ordained offices of husband and father.

As foolish and hazardous as it would be for an inexperienced wagon master or scout to hire on as a leader of a wagon train, a man unfamiliar with an intimate relationship with his heavenly Father in the throne room of God is almost certain death to those who will need his guidance for the challenges ahead. As Jesus did nothing of Himself but only what His Father told Him to do, so must a man who guides others. He will not be able to give away what he himself does not own. He will not be able to take others to the safety of intimacy with the Lord if he has not often been there himself.

The world is changing at a remarkable rate. A new frontier, a spiritual walk in the kingdom of heaven with God in Christ is required to overcome the world. Throne room familiarity is becoming a necessity.   Intimacy with God will be the only sure way of navigating the rough terrain ahead. A deep, personal, Christ kind of love will be the only option in bringing reason to the darkness that mankind is about to fall into. How will you, as a father and husband, lead others through the mire and above the world if you haven’t been there yourself?

Today is the day to decide to take up a new address in the kingdom of heaven with God in Christ. It will require a decision to make intimacy your priority, not only to please your Father in heaven, but to gain what is necessary to teach others how to go there themselves. When are you going to go there so they can follow?

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Jim Corbett

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