5/06/21 Sins of the Father

  • Jim Corbett
  • 05/06/2021

The offices of husband and father carry with them a spiritual, protective covering for your wife and family. That covering is like an impenetrable dome over them, which keeps them sheltered from the onslaught meant to nullify their worth. Functioning under it, they have freedom to make their own spiritual choices, but are protected from the enemy’s tactics that are not their fights to engage in.

When you blatantly sin or deviate from God’s Word and choose the ways of the world rather than God’s sold-out ways, that covering is compromised.  Because it is not intact, those under your covering are faced with challenges and battles they are not well suited for.  You can’t help them because you are ill-equipped to do so. Your decision to focus on the world rather than on the deep things of God violates the safety they need to truly prosper in Christ. That is one of the reasons most young people today are reeling in confusion and spiritual weakness. There is an onslaught against them, and they have no safe place to grow in Christ because you are not providing it.

If your family is not an example of a Christian family as God sees it, you might look to the Lord to show you where you are compromising His plan for you. Where have you violated your office of husband and father? You may have cleaned up the visible sins, but what about the sin of disloyalty to God in all things? What about your life of neglected time with the Lord? What about choosing to handle the urgent matters you face in your own strength rather than surrendering them fully?

It’s time to really take account of your life, men.  Are you on your face for your wife to become all she can be in Christ? Is the spiritual wealth of your children the priority of your life? Do you care if the covering you are supposed to be is fractured? It can be repaired if you choose to eliminate any spiritual adultery in your life.  Allow the Lord to show you anything that is not in order. Your family will greatly appreciate it! Are you willing to change?

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Jim Corbett

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