4/14/21 Respect

  • Jim Corbett
  • 04/14/2021

Saying that we have respect for someone is becoming a statement that is almost obsolete. The world has turned so dark, that the qualities determining if a person is to be respected are not qualities admired. The appearance of success or power has taken the place of a life that is worth respecting by those who are watching.

When was the last time anyone in your family said that they respect you as a father or husband? When was the last time that you have exhibited a life, or even an action, that was worthy of being respected in God's eyes, and then in those around you?

God has ordained the offices of husband and father as a covering for those he has been given. We are to provide a safe place for our families to function in as they grow in Christ. You, as the one functioning in that office, are to act as Christ would act if he were in your position. Obviously you will only be able to act worthy of the kind of respect He would have if you have been with Him enough to learn His ways.

The life we live in this world is important to God. How we function in front of others determines how they perceive a man of God should act, especially those in our families. Are you acting in a manner that garners respect from your wife or your children? Do others show respect for Jesus because you act in a way that represents Him properly? What are you going to do about it if you are not?

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Jim Corbett

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