4/03/24 It’s Just Time

  • Jim Corbett
  • 04/03/2024

From The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

Men, it’s time to please God and lead others to do the same! The marriage covenant and the family unit that’s guided by a Christ-like husband and father is God’s foundational unit for a strong fellowship. Living in concert with the Word of God, Christ-centered families clearly demonstrate the relationship Christ has with His church to the unbelieving world. It’s the tangible presentation of the life of Christ in action.

If you belong to a body of believers who understand the demonstration and the accountability of their lives before God and you are led by a pastor who is focusing on addressing the impotence of men and the restoration of families in his congregation, you need to get behind that work with every fiber of your being and all of the resources you have. Now is not the time to play the typical church game.  Father God is waiting for you to respond to His heart and His plans for the coming times. It is vital that you invest yourself and your family’s resources to further the vision of your pastor and his calling to make the family unit the backbone of your fellowship. Join with him and other men to set up a game plan for a strong fellowship that is capable of receiving men and families who need to turn their lives around and are willing to surrender to the Holy Spirit to do so. If he is not open to doing so, maybe it’s time to dive into prayer!

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Jim Corbett

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