4/02/24 Serious Times

  • Jim Corbett
  • 04/02/2024
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You only need to look around to see the Lord revealing the detrimental impact of self-serving Christians and absentee, incapable, or ignorant fathers on society. We all need to make an assessment of our lives and present them to the Lord for His direction.

The Lord has convinced my heart that He’s giving us a window of opportunity to reclaim what’s been stolen. He’s giving us a chance to become all we can be in Christ, so we can impact the season that’s unfolding with the love of Jesus. Many people are reeling from the absence of our Christ-like love to them. Both men and women are so entrenched in the ways of the world that they’re unable to see the difference between truth and folly. We have a chance to help them.

My family and I are convinced that now is the time to mark out a straight, smooth path for others to follow, a path leading directly to our Father’s love. It’s time for all of us to readdress our lives to find the specific part God has given us to play in the healing He chooses to bring to our land. Men, it’s time to shake off complacency toward our offices of husband and father.  It’s time to become valiant men with God’s purposes in our hearts for our wives and children. Let’s walk together with the heart of Jesus in the coming times, so others can see the freedom He has provided.

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Jim Corbett

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