4/01/21 Building Your Family Fortress

  • Jim Corbett
  • 04/01/2021

Have you ever thought of your family as a fortress? God does! He has designed you as a husband and father to be a covering from all of the treachery offered by the world to devour your wife and children. A man, who is properly submitted to God, is equipped to lead those he is steward of to places of safety in all they do, and make the home an environment that nurtures, supports, and equips them to venture into the world again. The atmosphere he creates is an impenetrable fortress - a place of spiritual direction, safety, warmth, and love - for his family.

As a covering, part of your journey is to discover and repair any breaches in your family fortress, either those created by you or the attacks of the world. Once you realize that the enemy is relentless in the pursuit of your family - wanting them to conform to his ways, wanting your fortress to be compromised in any way possible - you will see your job description in a different light. You will understand how important it is to create a fortress for them, and look to God for help, wisdom, and strength. It's your job.

What is so exciting is that He is waiting for you to turn everything over to Him for His guidance. As you are the covering for your family, He is the covering for you. He delights in making sure that you have all you need to fortify your family against any attack they may experience, as you seek and submit to Him and His power. He is not only worthy of your submission, He is an unbeatable covenant partner, allied with you against any attempt by the enemy to breach what He has put together.

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Jim Corbett

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