3/28/20 Precious

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/28/2020

The definition of the word precious is “something that is of great value or high priced, highly esteemed or cherished.” Even though this word is not often used to describe men, the definition really fits how God sees his husbands and fathers. In His eyes, we are highly esteemed and very valuable. You, as a husband and father, are also of great consequence in His plans for future generations.

Investing in a marriage, so it exemplifies the relationship between Christ and His church, has untold worth. Nurturing children, so their lives are significant in God’s eyes, is of incalculable value to untold numbers of people as they represent Him in the world. You are part of that!

The next time you feel as if your input in your family is of little value or minimum consequence, you need to remember how God sees your life. You are precious in His eyes. You are valuable to His plans. Your life can impact many generations through the work you do on behalf of those you steward. You are a key player in His plans. Being precious and of great value really means something in God’s economy.

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Jim Corbett

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