3/26/20 Stewards, Not Owners

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/26/2020

If you are a believer, it’s a given that God owns everything. He’s the sole owner of every heartbeat of all who have ever had blood pumping through their veins. The cattle on every hill are marked with His brand.

Then why is it we, as humans, have the audacity to claim anything as our own? The idea of “we’ve worked for it, so it’s ours” is a detrimental attitude if we are to serve the Lord with all our might. That right to ownership in our minds hinders us from ever coming to the full realization of the sovereignty of God. It stops us from truly glorifying Him in all we do.

As husbands and fathers, you really own nothing. Your wife and children are the Lord’s. Your friends and all the things you have called your own really belong to the Lord. You have only been given a stewardship of everything in your midst. Totally embracing that concept is quite sobering to say the least.

As a steward, you will answer to the Lord for the outcome of your existence. How did you steward everything God asked you to care for? Will the results of your life as a caretaker of people and the things that are important to Him - family, friends, time, etc. – be in accord with His wishes? He gave them to you for a season. How did you handle your responsibility?

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Jim Corbett

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