3/20/21 Looking in All the Wrong Places

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/20/2021

God’s plan for life is most successful when people function within the confines of a powerful family. He’s designed the family for safety, love, nurturing, protection, and a myriad of other positive influences. Most of all, the offices of husband and father are meant to show God’s character and love to the family through the power of the Holy Spirit. Is it any wonder the enemy of God does all he can to destroy the family as God planned it?

Satan loves it when family members seek out other avenues for meeting the needs that should be met by the family unit. Disruption in the family unit - especially the loss of a father’s positive, Christ-like influence – produces broken and fractured people. It leaves family members pursuing other avenues to fill the void that should’ve been filled through God’s heart being alive and well in the entire family unit. (I’m not referring to a family where the father has passed away. The Lord steps in to complete the family in that situation.)

Dads, look around! What has the enemy done to replace your Christ-like influence within your family? What has held your family captive and minimized its effectiveness in impacting a world that has no answers? What siren songs do your wife or children choose to answer because you’ve failed to be who you’re supposed to be in Christ? Maybe you’ve been deceived into thinking your family isn’t so bad. Or maybe you believe it’s too far gone. Either way, once the Lord shows you what worldly influences have infiltrated your family, what are you going to do about it?

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Jim Corbett

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