3/17/23 Water in the Desert

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/17/2023

Even after the Israelites saw God part the Red Sea for them, they had little faith that He would provide water for them where there was no visible sign of it. Their faith in Him was under attack.

At times, when I comprehend the awesome responsibility of my offices of husband and father, great fear rises up in me. I can only see how impossible it is to fulfill these offices. My eyes turn toward the power of the world and the war that I’m facing, and how weak I really am to the point that I become immobilized. Sometimes even hopelessness temporarily sets in.

When this lie invades my thinking, it’s time for me to remember Who my God really is and who I am in Him. It’s also time to remember that it’s not my job to overcome my fears. I’m only called to submit them to God and surrender to His faithfulness to allay them and change me.

God did part the Red Sea for His people. He did provide water for them. He did take care of their every need. He is the same God today as He was then. I am His child and He will take care of me and my cares, just like He took care of theirs. As soon as I remember that, I can find a place of rest in Him and wait for His promises to be as real to me now as they were to His children way back then. I have no need to fear!

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Jim Corbett

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