3/04/21 Rebuilding Men

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/04/2021

From the book, The Father Factor, by Jim and Merry Corbett

Valiant men, who renew their covenant with God and with each other, must be the catalyst in their circle of influence; so that those they influence can see the need for and the wonder and power of this kind of heart and desire it themselves. God is stirring the hearts of men at this very moment to desire the covenant heart and surrender completely to Him.

God is rebuilding His truth in the hearts of those who are seeking truth, infusing them with a new desire to be all that they can be in Jesus Christ. He is restoring the offices of husband and father in His church. He is reversing the spiritual deadness and revitalizing open hearts with a new love for Jesus. He is causing those who repent of their spiritual deadness to once again live and act as Jesus would toward Him, His Word, His desires, and His promises - all for the fulfillment of His plans during this season in time.

If we liken this time to the rebuilding of a football team, God Himself is in the process of building a team that will never lose another game. It is a team that has so embraced His will that there is nothing that can sway them from perfectly executing every task with the flawlessness that Jesus did. This team will have immersed itself in the plans of God and the ways of Jesus so thoroughly that they will know how to love as He does, serve as He serves, submit to the Father’s plans as He does, and win according to the Father’s game plan.

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Jim Corbett

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