2/10/21 Joseph

  • Jim Corbett
  • 02/10/2021
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I believe one of the most unheralded examples of utmost faith in God is Joseph. Given the period in which he lived, the idea that his future wife, his betrothed, was pregnant meant so much more than it would today. According to those ignorant of the circumstances, she should be stoned.

Imagine, if you will, Joseph dealing with the “know-it-alls” as she began to physically show her situation. Imagine the task he had to not only grasp her situation, but then answer to the questioning eyes in their close-knit society. Imagine him standing with her, defending her and defending God to those who couldn’t understand.

But Joseph knew. He’d heard from God. He trusted what he heard and lived his life with confidence that God had made the impossible possible. His faith overcame any fear he may have had. His faith allowed the will of God to be fulfilled. Because he believed, every one of us was given a chance to be made right with God. He was a husband who trusted in the promise of God and walked in that promise.

What impossible task are you called to do as a husband or father? How impossible does the challenge seem? If you want to overcome all the impossibilities as Joseph did, why not spend enough time with God to hear from Him and find His purpose and direction? After doing so, walk in the kind of love He tells you to exhibit, no matter how foolish it may seem. You have no idea how many people you will impact if you do.

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