2/08/21 Spiritual Impotence

  • Jim Corbett
  • 02/08/2021

From the book, The Father Factor, by Jim and Merry Corbett

If the plan of God is for man to savor only the things of God and desire only to fulfill God’s plan for his life while he presides over the family unit under the complete Lordship of Jesus Christ, then any distortion or compromise of that perfect plan minimizes its effectiveness. If men can be fooled into desiring taste buds for anything other than God and His desires, the enemy is well on his way to minimizing man’s effectiveness and rendering the offices he holds powerless.

In nature, when a male of any species undergoes emasculation, he no longer seeks to fulfill the natural, God-given desires inherent in his makeup. In the same way, when a man becomes spiritually impotent, he no longer has a desire to fulfill his God-given offices of husband and/or father in the manner God intended, nor does he take on the longing or compassions that Jesus has for souls in the way God intended his new nature to function.

The things that stirred the heart of Jesus - absolute obedience, the desire to fulfill the will of His Father, the desire that none should perish - no longer move the spiritually impotent man. He is not stimulated to pursue the heart of God, the life of Jesus that had no compromise, the passions that drove Jesus to the cross on behalf of others, or the joy of pleasing his Father in heaven with exuberance. He is spiritually impotent as God sees it. Because he is blinded spiritually, he goes about the “business” of being a Christian, oblivious to how far he is from what God intended for his life.

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Jim Corbett

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