12/25/20 More Than You Know

  • Jim Corbett
  • 12/25/2020

As men, the training God is putting you through and the challenges you’re facing are doing more than simply making you strong and capable of holding your marriage together and raising your family. They have a much greater and more extensive purpose.

Other men need to learn the wisdom you’re gaining as God puts you through His school. Unsaved men will soon be reeling as all their handles of safety disappear, and they can find no stable footing or belief to see them through life. If those men give their lives to Christ, they will need guidance and direction from someone who can point them to God and His Word to fulfill their real needs.

As a man of God, you have a wonderful opportunity to help others. You’re being taught life lessons - not only for the good of your family, but for the benefit of other men around you. You have the privilege of sharing solid, foundational truth in a slippery world of changing values. You have trustworthy answers to desperate questions in changing times. You are needed!

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Jim Corbett

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