12/09/23 Rejecting an Offer

  • Jim Corbett
  • 12/09/2023

A poverty stricken man had to travel to his job, which was located in a distant city. Because he was so poor and it was the only job he could find, he had to make the trip there and back each day in an old, barely running rust bucket of a car. His livelihood depended on that car. It was the only means for him to get there, even though it often broke down, causing him often to almost lose his employment.

So every morning long before anyone else was even up, the man packed all that he would need for the trip, and took off down the road in a cloud of smoke that would obscure him from sight the further he would go. Late at night, he would return exhausted, only to have to do the needed repairs on the car so that he could make the trip the next day.

One day, as the man pulled over on the side of the road to make some repairs so that he could continue on his journey, a kindly man in tattered clothes walked up to him, seemingly from nowhere. "I've been watchin' ya make this trip every day. Been lookin' at  ya from my porch over there," he said, pointing to a run-down shack just off the highway behind some trees. "I feel sorry for ya with this no-luck car that ya got, so I'd like to help ya," he continued.  "In that barn over there," he turned and pointed to a barn that looked even worse than the house, "I got me this limo. It's yours if ya want it cuz I don't use it no more. I'll even drive ya wherever ya gotta go if ya want me to. Got nothin' better to do."

"Get away from me, old man," the traveler spat with  impatience. "I have enough trouble without someone like you making promises that you can't keep." With that, he returned to the well-worn muffler to reattach  it.

The next day from his front porch, the kindly man sat and watched as the beat up jalopy hobbled its way down the road again. Shaking his head in sorrow for the embittered  traveler, he headed  toward the  barn to polish the new limo he had inherited, wondering how he might use it to help someone that day.

How often do we, as husbands and fathers, respond in the same way to God’s offer to be in charge of every situation we face?

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Jim Corbett

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