12/07/23 Above the Crowd

  • Jim Corbett
  • 12/07/2023

Lives that are significant to God are always found when we choose to walk above the fears, habits, social norms, and dictates of the crowd. That kind of life is acquired by spending time in the presence of God - learning His ways, enjoying His companionship, and allowing Him to impart His life to you.

The “I do nothing of Myself” lifestyle of Jesus seems impossible to live at first, until we find that lifestyle to be the safest, most productive avenue we’ve ever known. To lay down our own will and strength and do the Father’s will in His strength is a road map to experiencing the most profound kind of success because it is eternal.

As a husband and father, your job is to find a way to guide those in your care to a walk above the crowd and its bondages. You have the privilege of accessing the wisdom of God to accomplish your task. Jesus certainly walked above the crowd. Because of the cross, you have that same capability if you go to the true source of power and life as He did. If you choose His ways, the world can’t really touch you and yours, because they can’t reach as high as you are living. They’re not capable of breathing the air that you and your family breathe above the crowd with Him.

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Jim Corbett

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