• Jim Corbett
  • 12/02/2021

From the book, Manna Moments, by Jim and Merry Corbett

If you were going to go into battle and your enemy - numbered in the hundreds of thousands - stood before you in full battle array, what would you do?  What if, for some unknown reason, you had always thought that on the day of battle you would have to face such overpowering forces all alone? In your mind, from as far back as you could remember, you pictured yourself standing on this vast battlefield with nothing but whatever puny weapons you had in hand. Because the scene was played over and over for so many years, you had long ago given up any hope of victory. You knew that when the time would come, you were as good as defeated. It was simply a matter of going through the formality of losing big-time.

What if, however, when the actual day approached and you’re standing there with the raging enemy before you just as you had pictured it, someone from outside of your frame of reference approached you with a big smile and a hearty handshake. Delighted that he had arrived in time, he told you to turn around and see what they had brought to help you. As you did, you saw a much larger, immensely better-equipped army, ready and poised for battle in your stead. What would you do? Would you turn down the assistance? Would you fight with them, knowing that you personally would probably get hurt or killed?  Or would you graciously step aside and let them fight for you?

As obvious as the answer is, most of us have not made the right choice since we have met our Lord. We still take on the adversary, asking for whatever help that might be available, when we’re not even supposed to be in the battle. We have really missed what Jesus has done for us.

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Jim Corbett

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