11/20/23 Nurturing vs. Disciplining

  • Jim Corbett
  • 11/20/2023
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Our Father God disciplines His children. All of His discipline is for our good in the end. He is also the kindest, most loving, most nurturing Father there is. His provisions to us as His children allow us to find a way out of any and all of our wrongdoings. His promises bring us hope. His Words envelop us in love.

Many earthly fathers have missed the mark in trying to carry out their role as a guide for their children, which causes separation between the father and his children. Continual correction and subsequent discipline in the form of consequences, without the corresponding love needed to balance it, brings despair and rebellion. No correction or guidance brings confusion and a spirit of abandonment.

Have you ever seen a true craftsman nurturing his apprentice to help him become a craftsman, too? He cares about the skills he’s imparting. He guides the hands of the apprentice, so they eventually function as his hands do. He passes on his wisdom in every area of the trade. He is always “in the corner” of the apprentice, knowing that only loving guidance will help the apprentice become the skilled craftsman he is called to be.

You are supposed to be a craftsman in the things of God, nurturing your children to become skilled in the things of God also. You are called to pass on those things you have learned from the lap of your Father in heaven. You are not called to be a disciplinarian only. Doing so allows the enemy of your family to plant irreversible inroads and insurmountable divisions between you and those you steward. Nurturing, however, is God’s way of imparting wealth. You can make your children wealthy craftsmen if you nurture them toward the love of God.

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Jim Corbett

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