11/18/23 Get with God’s Plan

  • Jim Corbett
  • 11/18/2023

In my years of working with adults, I’ve found that many of them are fighting inward fights from many years ago. Most of these people are living their lives trying to measure up to the expectations - real or perceived - of their fathers. Their lives are way out of control because of things that have happened between them and their dads.

When the father is out of line, generally the whole family goes south. Most fathers have little idea that in the process of directing their children, they assume the role of authoritarian. This role, when out of focus, can lead to many years of sorrow, pain, and confusion for their children. If the father was too harsh, the spirit of the child is broken. If he is absent, either physically or emotionally, the child replaces him with whatever role model he or she can find to fill the void, and so on.

Fathers, your role is very important to your children. I don’t mean the role of physical provider only, but the role of father, guide, and friend. God has placed your office as the covering over your household for good reason. If you have sold out to the Lord, your spiritual depth protects your household. If it is shallow, the lack of spiritual covering and discernment allows for destruction from the enemy to enter in. You hold the office because of God. You can’t possibly be the kind of father He intends you to be without Him.

It’s time to make some quite important decisions if your household is out of order, or if you are a new dad. You need to understand what is required of you by the Lord for the good of your family. You need to get with God’s plan. Your children are depending on it! Are you?

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Jim Corbett

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