11/16/23 All Smoke and Mirrors

  • Jim Corbett
  • 11/16/2023

Have you ever heard someone say that magic tricks are all smoke and mirrors? The magician deceives us by using tactics that distract us from reality and turn us to the false reality he wants us to accept. His illusions and deceptions appear genuine in our minds, unless we uncover his secrets - his use of false images and just plain trickery.

Believe it or not, the devil does the same kind of trickery every day in each of our lives. He continually goads us to believe that what the world presents is reality. He flashes false wisdom, creates seemingly insurmountable scenarios, tries to plant his own thoughts in our minds, and attempts to deceive us into thinking that he holds the keys to our days.

Well, as real as his plan seems, it’s all smoke and mirrors. The Word says that we’re to look past what we see with our earthly perceptions, and focus on the eternal, the truth of what’s really happening. We’re to allow the Lord to retrain our thinking. We’re to look past what seems normal, and see what the Lord has done and is doing in every situation. We’re to believe more in God’s kingdom principles than the principles we’ve been taught by the world all our lives.

There is no smoke and there are no mirrors with God. His Word is always true. His promises are always reliable. What Jesus has done for us will always be real, no matter how much it is distorted by the world and its ways. You can rely on the fact that God is far more powerful than any situation you face. God said it; therefore, it is clear, honorable, smokeless truth. Do you believe it?

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Jim Corbett

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