• Jim Corbett
  • 10/26/2021

As a father, one of the most wonderful gifts you’ve been given is the privilege of holding your children before God as they are finding their way. The wealth of your prayerful investment in their lives is beyond comprehension. Only eternity will tell of the magnitude of the results.

There’s an unseen war raging to ensure that your children do not fulfill the plan God has for them. It’s a spiritual war that can only be won in a spiritual manner.  You’re the one chosen by God to help win that war until your children are whole enough to fight it for themselves. Even then, you are to stand side by side with your children - no matter how old they are - as they overcome challenge after challenge throughout their lives.

Ultimately, God’s desire is that every person to whom He’s given breath would be able to stand before Him having lived the life He intended for them. Even though we all become responsible for the life we’ve been given, you have the privilege of fighting on behalf of your children when they’re too immature or too unknowing to fight the war themselves. Until they have what’s needed to engage in the battle, your job is to win the wars for them. If you haven’t already entered into the battle for them, begin now. It’s never too late!

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Jim Corbett

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