10/15/19 The Image of the Father

  • Jim Corbett
  • 10/15/2019
Jesus is the image of His Father. Even though He walked on this earth as a man, He was the perfect spiritual imprint of Who His Father is. His Spirit is alive with the wealth of all that His Father is by the power of the Holy Spirit.
As spiritual men, men with the same Holy Spirit dwelling in us that lives in Jesus, you and I are to pattern our lives after His. We are to walk and conduct ourselves in the same way that He walked and conducted Himself. His pattern of doing nothing of Himself and relying totally on the Father should be our course in life. His desire to commune with His Father as the priority of His days should be a craving of our hearts. As we go to God in prayer, a primary petition should be to ask Him to make us like Jesus.
Because your offices of husband and father are spiritual in nature and ordained by God, the spiritual patterns you set are very important. As you imitate the patterns of Jesus' life, you give impressions about His life to those who are watching you. They see who He is when you represent His life properly.
Jesus showed us the Father. Now we are to show others who Jesus and His Father are through our lives. What do They look like to those who are watching you?
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Jim Corbett

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