10/13/20 Insane Rebellion

  • Jim Corbett
  • 10/13/2020

Let’s see. The God of the universe invites the first man and woman into His presence. He vows to take care of all their needs, have intimate communication with them, and promises to be their loving Father. He further allows them to live in a paradise beyond beautiful with Him. To all of this, they respond with the ultimate act of insanity. In essence, they say no!

God offers Himself to them. Granted, there is a condition involved; but they choose to rebel. It is the epitome of reprobate thinking. How could any thinking human being turn down an offer from a sovereign God to be their Friend - a most powerful, loyal, all-providing Friend in the truest sense of the word?

Man of God, you have been given the same offer. Because of the work of the cross of Jesus Christ, the glorious intimacy offered in the Garden of Eden has been restored. It has been made available to anyone who desires to have it. You, as a husband and father, have intimate access to the most amazing God for help with your every desire, want, and need. You have been given access to His throne room to sit at His feet and hear the desires of His heart for you. Is it not the same kind of reprobate thinking, the same kind of insanity that Adam and Eve displayed, when you reject His offer?

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Jim Corbett

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