10/02/23 Power for Service

  • Jim Corbett
  • 10/02/2023

I was reading about David’s mighty men the other day and one thing struck me as never before. The “mighty” part of these men was used for service. I know that sounds a little obvious, but when you think about it, what else should a powerful ability to do anything be used for? It would only justify itself if it were used to help someone less powerful, or even helpless. On the other hand, power misused is so very detrimental to those on whom it’s applied.

Let’s talk about the power we, as men of God, have been given. Holding the highest offices of husband and father - offices dear to our Father’s heart, we, in the clearest sense of the word, have God’s ear. He is for us.  His power is available to us. His compassion bears witness to our needs in supplying whatever is useful for the proper stewardship of our families. That’s some pretty powerful stuff!

Men, the next time your marriage hits a bump in the road, think about how important its restoration is to God and then move as He directs to heal it. The next time you see that one of your children could use some help in making decisions, or help out of a harmful place they’ve gotten into, what better assistance could they have than a father on his face before God - the One who cares more for the child than even the father does. Think about the power available to overcome these situations. Then think about the way you may have ignored, misused, or simply not applied it to help those you love. If you are convinced of its availability, how are you going to use that power now?

Let’s talk more!

Jim Corbett

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