• Jim Corbett
  • 01/27/2022

So many of us guys have been taught that failure in any area of our lives is a horrible thing! Most of us were taught that not having all the answers means weakness, and weakness is a bad thing. If you really study the Bible, you will find that only in our weakness is God able to prove Himself strong to us.

On my tombstone, I would like the words, “Here lies a man who understood his desperate need of God.” I want everyone to know that I understood that without a moment by moment need of my Father in heaven I could do nothing.

The most important, most powerful man in history was Jesus. Far from being weak, He said that His every move was ordained by His Father. He did nothing of Himself. That’s a full understanding of where the power to walk in the kingdom of heaven on this earth came from. His submission brought heavenly power down to this earth.

I know this may sound wrong to some of you fathers, but sometimes it’s good to need to seek help in a situation in front of your kids. To do so shows them how to do the same, especially when you seek help from Jesus. Their learning how to go to Jesus is the best lesson you could ever teach. Would you be willing to be in need so you could be used by the Lord to teach them that lesson?

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Jim Corbett

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