1/26/23 Reprobate Thinking

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/26/2023

In November of 2008, the Lord showed me that He has done three things that will affect the course of our lives. First, He has turned the world over to a reprobate mind. Second, His people will go through great refiner’s fires to prepare them for the seasons ahead. Third, He is aligning all of the nations for His end-time plan. Today and the next two days, we will be dealing with these issues one at a time.

Up until this time, you - as a husband and father - have been able to navigate your life and the lives of your family because the world made sense. Logical thinking, reasonable attitudes, and integrity have been the basis for your decision making. Common sense could be relied upon in most business and personal decisions.

That is now changing because reprobate thinking has little to do with truth, logic, or normal thinking. It denies all reason, and forms conclusions based on directions from a spiritual enemy bent on confusion, instead of truth. All the lusts of the flesh, reasonable or otherwise, guide the actions of those who are not aligned with God and directed by His Holy Spirit. Starting with those who can most easily be swayed and eventually permeating our laws, people who have the decision-making power to influence social behavior will create a world that allows mankind to plunge into the darkness of the lowest form of living. This life makes no sense to those who have the mind of Christ.

As you look around, any thinking person can see the illogical, base nature of mankind creeping into every element of society. Right is being deemed wrong, and wrong is applauded and heralded as freedom to choose. Decisions and laws, at times, have become sadly laughable to the reasoning mind.  Slowly but surely, you and I will live in a world where opportunities we’ve had in the past to raise our families in an atmosphere of reason will be gone.

As a husband and father, how are you going to overcome, or even survive in a world that has such foreign thinking and no deep, personal relationship with Father God? Without wisdom from the throne room of God, how will you be able to show those you love the answers they’ll need to deal with the amazing challenges they’ll soon face? How will you be able to make it from day to day without continual guidance from the Holy Spirit? Guess what? It won’t be possible.

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Jim Corbett

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